We need the motivation to do every task we aspire to achieve. This could be as simple as washing the dishes or going for a run, we need to be motivated. There are two forces of motivation. These are push and pull forces, and both determine why a person has the motivation to strive for or avoid a result.

What are pull forces?

Pull forces are driven by a desire to attain a certain result. This could be to gain financial success, to have more influence in the community or continue family tradition. This desire is internal, as the individual has a strong pull reach their goal.

Another example is an athlete with the desire to be the fastest in their race. This is an internal desire as they have a strong pull to reach their goal.

pull forces

Entrepreneurs have a desire to solve a problem and provide something innovative to the community. Individuals who have a desire to reach their entrepreneurial goals have a strong motivational pull force. This is because they have an internal desire to achieve these goals, which motivates them to put this desire into action.

What are push forces?

Push forces are the complete opposite to pull forces. They are a desire to avoid a certain result. Avoiding unemployment, job dissatisfaction, and family pressure are examples of push forces. This desire comes from external factors, as individuals strive to avoid unwanted results.

Another example is a student studying for their exam. They have a desire to avoid failing the exam. The student is pushed to study to avoid the unwanted result of failing.

It’s good to have an understanding of push and pull forces to know what is motivating us when completing tasks. Are we motivated by an internal desire to achieve? Or are we being motivated to avoid an unwanted result?

In entrepreneurship, an individual is more likely to be pulled than pushed. As entrepreneurs are typically risk takers, they strive to achieve their goals and think about the reward rather than the consequences, therefore making the pull force strong.

Published On: March 5th, 2021 / Categories: Entrepreneurship /