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Coaching and Consulting

We provide coaching and consulting services to guide you in your property investment journey. We will help analyse your property goals and inform you on your best options and provide you with tips and guidance to achieve them. We help aspiring individuals make money through property, teaching them strategies and skills to generate second income through property.

Property Management

From finding good tenants, maintaining their needs and sorting out the legal paperwork, we do all the tricky and time consuming tasks on your behalf. Regularly checking your property to make sure all is running smoothly.

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Property Investments

We’ll help you through the investment process and make it as simple as possible.

Property Development

Property development services includes finding a property and renovating it to increase its value. From this stage, you can either decide to sell your property, or rent it out to tenants. Property development can be a great opportunity to expand your property portfolio, purchasing cheaper properties and building their value through renovations.

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Property Strategist Coaching

Nidal is the founder of the Property Strategist Institute. The Property Strategist Program teaches people who have a passion for property how to start their own property strategist business. The program provides video modules, group coaching calls, an exclusive member forum and more! Nidal shares his strategies, skills, and knowledge, to help aspiring individuals make money through property.

Let’s Make Things Happen

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