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“I’ve been a property investor for the last 10 years and was only introduced to Nidal just under 2 years ago. After my first conversation with Nidal, I felt like I had known him for years. Nidal has a wealth of knowledge around properties and investing as well as finance structures for property purchasing. Nidal continually has his finger on the pulse around current market trends, where to buy, when to buy and most importantly ensuring that your purchase will generate growth. Coupled with the above his excellent customer service skills with his passion and enthusiasm for what he does is a huge asset to anyone that has the fortune to meet Nidal, and become a client of the Silvertail Property Group. I look forward to securing my next investment property with Nidal’s and the Silvertail Property Groups assistance”

“There are many traits that define the person and professional Nidal is, but it is his kindness that is such a rarity in this world. In a time when the need was greatest in my life, Nidal extended his hand to offer me and my family his support. Through this support, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Nidal professionally. Nidal’s enthusiasm, dedication and strong morals radiate through his actions personally and professionally. It is these characteristics that allow Nidal to command the attention of the people around him, engage them, positively influence their lives. For these reasons I gladly and most highly recommend Nidal to anyone wanting to engage his services. You can expect a friendly and dedicated service, honestly and a genuine passion to support you”

“Nidal was referred to me by one of my friends who had praised him for his professionalism, communication and his ability to understand his customer needs. Nidal went above and beyond on a number of occasions and always had my best interests in mind. He was prompt, courteous, and friendly. Nidal always made me feel like I was his priority. He was always well organised, thoughtful and responsive to any questions I had. Nidal showed strong commitment and dedication to a client-centered approach making the process stress free and positive. I am very grateful to have had Nidal’s knowledge and expertise just a phone call away throughout this process. I’m so happy to have worked with Nidal to find a rental property and would recommend him to anyone!”

“Nidal is the type of business owner you come across on rare occasions. His strive for success and satisfaction for himself and his clients is to be admired. Nidal has not only assisted me personally but professionally and sticks to his morals. Whether it be working professionally or personally the process with Nidal is very transparent and educational. He is an expert in his field and should be considered in high regard”

“Nidal’s professionalism always made clients’ relaxed and content that he was the right guy to be dealing with. They thoroughly enjoyed the journey from start to finish and were more than happy to recommend their closest friends and relatives to him as well!”

“Nidal’s patience in explaining the ins and outs of property is terrific. Thoroughly recommend Nidal who is professional and upfront in all his dealings”

“Nidal is exceptional at what he does. His ability to build rapport and his genuine desire and commitment to achieving the absolute best for those he works with has been his catalyst for his success and highly credible reputation”

“My wife and I are first time investors and went to Silvertail Property Group with a thousand questions and not sure we were doing the right thing. We now have answers to nearly all these questions and can’t say enough about Nidal and Bonnee who totally supported us through the investment process. We are now property investors and reaping the benefits already in twelve short months. I would encourage others who, like us, are keen to explore options and have lots of questions to ask, and see what works for them. Silvertail Property Group works for us, and with us. Thanks guys!”

“As a recent first-time home owner, I can’t be any happier to highly recommend Nidal! He is very professional, yet very friendly in his dealings with clients. In the midst of wondering when our genuine savings could ever be enough to meet the projected initial deposit for securing our first home, we met Nidal, who happened to be our immediate neighbour. He literally broke down the whole thing and helped us explore available options we did not even know existed. From the initial financial assessment to moving into our new home, Nidal made the whole process seamless! It is quite a big decision to decide to own a house, so getting the right advisement is critical to avoiding some financial pitfalls. Nidal’s knowledge of the current market trends as well as his wealth of experience in the industry coupled by his impeccable customer service skills and his enthusiasm for the job was a great asset to us, and we couldn’t have been any luckier to have met Nidal”

“Nidal is a success oriented manager that instantly will become an asset to any organisation. His ability, not only to manage, but train any team is extraordinary, starting from employees with no experience to the most senior ones, Nidal will always find ways and aspects to improve his team member abilities and skills. Being committed to meet the targets set by the CEO of the company, he makes sure his team knows what to do, encouraging us to go that extra mile and feel positive all the way through to become the best team in the organisation. He does that in a very professional way, teaching by example and with a roll-up-your-sleeves attitude. I sincerely recommend anybody to work under Nidal’s supervision and ensure that person will be learning every second of the time working with Nidal. For a supervisor to employ Nidal, is success 100% guaranteed, having peace of mind that Nidal will cover every aspect of the job with a positive attitude and excellent commitment”

“With the help of Steve and Nidal I was able to purchase my first investment property. They took all the stress out of it as they handled everything and didn’t charge me for any of it. They are very professional and relaxed and always are very prompt with getting back to you when you have any questions. I can’t wait until I can buy the next one so that I can create a profitable investment portfolio which i can use to one day allow me to buy any home I decide on.”

“Nidal is a very head-strong entrepreneur. Ever since he was a little boy, he always played a leader role in everything he did. He started presenting business ideas when he was just fourteen years old, making him a born leader. On a personal level, he has a very warm personality. He is fun to be with, and always has a positive outlook on anything and everything around him. I believe the main trait which makes him different to others Is his honesty. Trusting people is very hard these days and this is why Nidal is to be appreciated”

“It’s rare that you come across standout talent like Nidal. I have known him for some years and I am always in awe of his ability to command a room and get people on board with ideas. Nidal has always proven to be a trustworthy, honest, confident, focused and goal oriented individual. He leads by example and all those that have had the pleasure to work with him, find his enthusiasm, dedication, professionalism both inspiring and motivating. As a person, leader and manager, Nidal earns my highest recommendation. If there is one name you can trust in property it is Nidal Rasheed”

“Nidal was very professional, friendly, relaxed and honest at all times during our meetings and phone correspondence. All of our questions were answered with confidence and he displayed a great deal of knowledge and compassion regarding our inquiries. He is very prompt with getting back to you when you have an inquiry or if you would like him to chase something up for you. Nidal is a very approachable man who exudes professionalism and confidence in his profession. Both my husband and I hold every confidence in Nidal and his team in helping us to successfully build a positive and profitable investment portfolio. We look forward to continue working with Nidal and the Silvertail team over the years to come. Thank you”

“Working with Nidal I found him as a person with great knowledge and strong experience of sales and business. Nidal did an exceptional job as a senior Salesperson at his time with Devine. Nidal is a strong, excellent and highly organised salesperson. Passionate strategist with huge knowledge. Makes the impossible possible”

“I have been assisting Nidal’s clients with finance for several years now and can say he is an absolute pleasure to work with. His customer service ethic is second to none and he makes the process simple and easy to understand for his customers. Building can be quite stressful (especially for first home buyers) so it is so important that the sales consultant is a outstanding communicator – an attribute that Nidal exceeds with”

“Great service, they know their properties.”

“Nidal is a breath of fresh air, vibrant and enthusiastic with the ability to follow any venture and business project through. My dealings whilst Nidal was running Byblos was extra ordinary, Nidal is far beyond his years, running the restaurant at only 22. I observed his focus was on customer service & building relationships with a multitude of clients. I ran a bridal fair and Classy hens night venture of which we did cross/ joint promotion (business to business relationship) Also Nidal inspired me to join him and we did a success training seminar together (on-going learning and development). Self motivated and motivator, Nidal is a pleasure to do business with.”

“Nidal has a set of skills that leave him in good stead for being successful and competent in any path he may choose to take. Nidal has excellent communication and people skills which allow him to be very effective in any sales role. Nidal has a unique set of skills which allow him to work with people from all demographics. Nidal created a very effective and vibrant sales team environment and became a very respected manager across the board within a short space of time. I would highly recommend Nidal”

“Very helpful and explained every detail of every question we had. They took all of the work out of our hands and handled every detail throughout the purchase. Very happy with the outcome and the ease of which it happened.”

“I have known Nidal Rachid for quite some years now, both on a personal and professional level. Nidal is a very dedicated person, who is attentive to detail and is very task oriented while is also able to maintain a strong customer focus. He is able to fulfill and exceed goals and is a solid leader and team member. His sense of responsibility, drive and his charismatic personality set him as one of the high achievers I know. I strongly recommend Nidal as a sound business affiliate”

“As the Sales Manager for Cleaner Energy, Nidal managed to achieve exceptional results. Whilst building and managing the sales team Nidal was, creative, motivating, inspiring and always lead from the front. Professional the the letter, Nidal was always very clear with his expectations and coached his team to ensure they achieved at the highest level. Nidal is a highly motivated individual with a big vision. It was a pleasure working with him”

“Nidal is very knowledgable, honest and professional. He takes you through the process of buying and selling step by step and is with you all the way through. I would recommend Silvertail Property Group for anyone who is looking for a property related service. Well done team and keep up the excellent work!”